7 Best dickies for skating in 2024

In skating, performing maneuvers is part of the sport. However, most skaters and skateboarders do not perform them perfectly due to the turns, and twists.

As such, they end up falling, and this happens too many times.

To ensure they do not replace the skate pants frequently, skateboarders need the best Dickies for skaters. Yes, the 80’s and 90’s fashion is back, and so is apparel is worn by skaters back then. But this time around, the clothing provides a wide range of motion and comes with added durability.

This is because you’ll spend more of your skating session on the ground. With that in mind, we researched and rounded up the best skaters dickies .

What Dickies are best for skating?

Dickies is best known for making quality pants that are durable, flexible, and wrinkle-resistant. Best for work and skating sessions, Dickies allow for a relaxed and have plenty of room for you to move around. As such, skaters can perform extreme maneuvers and tricks without sacrificing style.

So, what are the best Dickies to choose? Here are 7.

Our Top Pick (Updated)
  • Best For Relaxed Fit

    Dickies Men's Relaxed Straight-Fit Cargo Work Pant
    Top pick
  • Best Dickies For Big Thighs

    Dickies Men's Big and Tall Original 874 Work Pant
  • Best Jeans For Skating Maneuvers

    Dickies Men's Relaxed Fit Workhorse Jean
  • Best Dickies For A Tough Environment

    Dickies Men's Tough Max Duck Pant
  • Best For Fast Performance

    Dickies Dynamix Men Scrubs Pant
  • Best Slim Pants

    Men's Skinny-Straight Double Knee Work Pant
  • Best Dickies For Style

    Dickies Dynamix Men Scrubs Pant Natural Rise Jogger DK040

mens straight cargo dickies pant for skating


Dickies Men's Straight Cargo Pant - Best For Relaxed Fit

TOp Feature

Dickies is one of the largest workwear manufacturers in the world. The company started as a small bib overall company in 1922, but today, the company sells its range of work garments in every state in the US.

The Dickies Men’s Relaxed Straight-Fit Cargo pant is one of the best dickies skate pants. Available in dark navy, black, and desert sand, you can wear anything with these pants. Made of 65% polyester and 35% cotton, they are wrinkle and fade-resistant. As such, you can wash and put on without the need to iron.

The heavyweight fabric is durable and resistant to wear and tear. This makes the pants perfect for use in an outdoor environment.




Dickies Men's Big and Tall Original 874 work Pant - Best Dickies For Big Thighs

Top Feature

original 874 skate pant dickies for big thigh

Do you have big thighs and want to buy the best dickies for skateboarding? If you’re, we recommend the  Men’s Big and Tall Original 874 Pant. Made of 65% polyester and 35% cotton, these stain-resistant, and wrinkle-free pants have a flattering design.

The heavyweight materials resist abrasion plus wear and tear when skateboarding. Built for hard usability, it features a classic rise that sits comfortably around your waist.

Made with quality and comfort in mind, it has sturdy buttons and zippers. Easy to care, these are comfy, loose and baggy fit, and you can wear pants for skateboarding. You can also wear it on weekends or even to work as it goes great with everything.



Workhorse Jean Dickies For Skating Maneuvers


Dickies Men's Relaxed Fit Workhorse Jean - Best jeans For Maneuvers

TOp Feature

Skate with confidence while wearing Dickies Men’s Workhorse Jeans. Made of 100% cotton, the pants are comfortable and ideal for the outdoors. In fact, if you love doing extreme maneuvers while skating, this is what you need. Highly abrasion-resistant,  won’t get torn easily.

Besides being abrasion-resistant, they are comfortable. Thanks to the use of denim and cotton, wearing the pants allow your body to cool efficiently after all the skating maneuvers.

This is because the pants do not trap heat in your body. As such,you will not sweat all day.



Dickies Men's Tough Max Duck Pant - Best Dickies For A Tough Environment

Top Feature

dickies for skating in tough environment

looking for a pair of pants for tough outdoor environmrent, Tough Max duck pants is the thing. Made of specialized polyester fabric, the Max Duck Pant provides exceptional abrasion resistance. As such, you can perform all extreme maneuvers when skating and not worry that the pants will get torn.

The Dickies Men’s Tough Max Duck Pant has a triple-needle reinforcement. This ensures that you get extended life out of the pants. Since the fabric is flexible, it offers enhanced mobility, which you need while skating. Available with a modern fit, you can wear them with anything. Examples include long-sleeve T-shirts, hoodies, and more.



dynamix skate dickies for best performance


Dickies Dynamix Men Scrubs Pant - Best For Fast Performance

TOp Feature

If you’re looking for men’s joggers that come in the style you want, this is it. The Dynamix Men Scrubs Pant comes in the latest style and design trend.

Ideal for skaters and joggers, they feature a rib-knit waistband with a drawstring. Inspired by popular athletics pants, the drawstring closure allows for proper fit.

The bottom of the leg features a half rib-knit cuff. This unique cuff secures the jogger pants around your ankles. Made of 91% polyester and 9% spandex, the fabric is lightweight and moisture-wicking. As such, it does not trap heat around your body and also wicks moisture away.




Dickies Men's Skinny-Straight Double Knee Work Pant - Best Slim Pants

Top Feature

double knee slim skate dickies

The Dickies Men’s Skinny-Straight Double Knee Work Pant is super comfy and durable. This is thanks to the double layer of material made of 81% cotton, 18% polyester, and 1% spandex. Wear and tear are not a problem as you skate.

The heavyweight material does not tear easily.The pant has a multi-use cell phone pocket and reinforced knee for durability. Stain and wrinkle-resistant, the heavy-weight material is flexible. This ensures plenty of room to fit and move.




Dickies Dynamix Men Scrubs Pant Natural Rise Jogger DK040- Best Dickies For Style

Top Feature

Dynamix mens scrubs stylish skate dickies pant

For maximum comfort and range of motion when skating, we recommend the Dickies Dynamix Men Scrubs Pant Natural Rise Jogger DK040. Made of polyester and spandex, and allow for extra mobility. These pants can stretch to a higher limit.  As such, you can make all manner of tricks and maneuvers as you skate.

Available in a stylish design, the pants feature pull-on styling with a natural rise. It also has a rib-knit elastic waistband for a secure fit. Additional designs include a back pocket, a side pocket, and a pair of front pockets. These pockets allow you to keep all the necessities with you.

Designed for comfort, you can wear them all day. After your skating session, just place them in your washing machine for a good clean.



Buying Guide: How to Choose Best Dickies for Skating

skate insider

The following are factors to consider before choosing the best Dickies for skateboarding.


When shopping for the best Dickies pants, consider the size. Skaters Dickies are available in the following waist sizes – 28 to 58. By choosing the best Dickies pants with the correct size, you ensure the ultimate fit. So, before shopping, in-store or online, we recommend that you measure your waist and length.


Skating involves a lot of movements and maneuvers. When shopping for Dickies skateboarding pants, it’s important to consider the material. Without a range of motion, it would be difficult to skate or even perform the basics of maneuvers. When shopping for skate Dickies 874, look for those made of wrinkle and stain-resistant materials. Not only that. The material should be stretchy and flexible.


There are three types of fit available out there – relaxed, slim, and classic. Most people prefer a relaxed fit as it provides plenty of room in the thigh and waist. Slim and classic pants are trendy and provide a comfortable fit. You can wear them when skating or to work.


Since Dickies makes its pants using polyester, cotton, or spandex, their Dickies cargo skate pants are machine washable. Just select the correct program, add your washing powder and detergent. Then, place your pants in the washing machine, and in less than an hour, you’ll have clean pants ready for rounds of skating.


Most Dickies skating pants are usually made of a heavy material that’s stain and wrinkle-resistant. Such pants feel like paper when you wear them due to the material’s texture. Some pants are stretchy and flexible thanks to the use of spandex. These pants wick moisture away and don’t keep heat close to your body.


Most frequent questions and answers

What are the Baggiest Dickies?

The original Dickies Work Pant 874 is the baggiest of all Dickies. It’s available in the following dimensions 32 inches by 30 inches with 11 inches rise, 18.5 inches leg opening, and 11-inch inseam. The pants have a traditional, wider fit which makes it perfect for people with big thighs.

Why do skaters love Dickies?

Skaters love Dickies because the brand is affordable. Also, Dickies is popular for its use of heavy material for its pants. The company uses cotton, polyester, spandex, or even denim. These materials are stretchy, flexible, wrinkle, and stain-resistant. As such, they don’t wear and tear easily.

How do I find the right Dickies?

For the best results, we recommend that you measure yourself. Alternatively, you can ask someone to take your measurements rather than yourself. Write down all the measurements in inches. If buying online, we recommend 2 sizes but if buying in-store, the salespeople can always assist you.

Are Dickies good to skate in?

The simple answer is yes. Dickies skater pants are durable. As such, they can handle any skating maneuver or movement. Skinny jeans can be too tight while sweatpants are baggy which makes them not ideal for skating. However, Dickies cargo pants provide a relaxed fit which makes them ideal for skating.

Will Dickies 874 shrink?

No, the Dickies 874 cannot shrink. Since they have a looser fit, many people prefer wearing them not only for skating sessions but also for work.

Can non-skaters wear Dickies?

Yes, non-skaters can also wear Dickies. In fact, Dickies cargo pants are not only designed as work pants but also as activewear.

Final Words...

There you have it. Our picks of the best Dickies for skateboarding and an informative buying guide that will help you choose and order Dickies pants.

If you want Dickies pants for skateboarding and work, we recommend the Original 874 Pant. The pants have a flattering design, and it’s made with quality and value in mind. 

However, if you want perfect pants for extreme maneuver, go for Dickies Men’s Fit Workhorse Jeans. Made of 100% cotton, the pants are durable, stylish, and heavy-duty. It can withstand wear and tear, which is common when skating. 

Shopping for the best Dickies? We highly recommend the pants above. content goes here!


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