What is the best age to start skateboarding? Guide for kids, youngsters and adults

Skateboarding is the kind of sport meant for everyone, but that does not mean everyone who is handed a skateboard will be able to master the skills to ride it in a short while. Like any other sport, skateboarding takes time and patience. But most importantly, skateboarding should be started at a specific age.

This is because the maturity to skate can only be achieved after crossing a specific phase in life. If you want to know further about when your child or the average person should start skating, then read on.

Best Age to Start Skateboarding (recommendation from doctors)

Parents of young children should pay heed to the warnings of the American Pediatrics Academy. Those who have children under the age of five should never allow these children to ride on a skateboard. However, if your child is aged from 6 to 10 years of age, you may hand the child a skateboard, provided that you keep a close watch.

Younger Kids Skateboarding

Parents of young children are advised to not hand over a skateboard to their child because these children are prone to skateboarding accidents. Provided the seriousness of the injury, these skateboarding accidents in young children could prove to be fatal.

Very young children are not able to ride skateboards because they have poor balancing skills, and slower reaction rates and they are also much less skilled compared to adults.

Young skaters

With that being said, you’d still be surprised to know that 5 to 10 years is the prime time to let your children skate. If your child is below 5 years of age though, it would be a risky move to let him or her skate. To guide you through this, we have compiled a list of some great young skaters.

So, without any further ado, let’s have a look at that.

Skateboarding should be started between the ages of five and ten, according to experts.

1.Sky Brown

Sky Brown from Japan, became an expert skater at the tender age of 8 years of age. She has mastered the art of skating from an extremely young age. As of now, she is the youngest skater to take part in the Vans US Pro Series.

japanese skater sky brown is popular among young skateboarders

2.Brighton Zeuner

Brighton Zeuner became a pro skater at the tender age of 11. At this age, she was the youngest girl to participate in the X Games. Moreover, she bagged the award of champion at the 2016 Vans Park World Championship.

Brighton Zeuner participate in X games as youngest skateboarders

3.Tyshawn Jones

You’ll be surprised to know that young Tyshawn started skating when he was only 12 or 13. He also had the chance to skate in the Bronx in such a short time.

tyshawn jones winner of the younger skaters of the year 2018

4.Alex Midler

If you were surprised to read about the compilation of the best youngest skaters above, then this one will leave you in awe. Little Midler started skating when he was just 3 years old. Now 16, he is sponsored by numerous companies, including Nike SB and Redbull.

 alex midler the youngest skater got sponsored by Redbull and numerous brands

Recommended Skateboard Gear For Kids

One of the most important skating gear that children need is a skateboard. All skateboard decks are not the same, so we have come up with a list of skating decks that are appropriate for children aged over 5.

For example, the Arbor Pocket Rocket is a skating gear that is portable and lightweight. Thus, it is very convenient for young skaters. Another skateboard deck that would be comfortable with larger wheels would be the one from Santa Cruz.

Protective gear is also important to protect children from any accidents. The best protective gear, in this case, would
be TSG. This is because this gear fits smoothly, and does not keep shifting constantly.

Helmets are another important piece of gear that can prevent or minimize head injuries. TSG, Protec, and all these companies make very good helmets for children. Knee and elbow pads are also important to prevent the grazing of the skin in these areas. Knee and elbow pads come in sets of these helmets or protective gear.

protective gear keep the young skaters safe from skateboard accidents

Too Old to Skateboard!

This is a very common concern among many. But the reality is, that skateboarding does not have any age. Truth be told, people in their 20s, 30s, or even their 50s could take up skating if they are interested. However, one important thing to keep in mind is that fitness is crucial to ensure that a person may skate at any age.

The best step that you can take is to wear protective gear to prevent injuries and keep patience. As said always, practice makes a man perfect. So practicing the art of skateboarding will make you perfect.

If you know how a skateboard works, it will be much easier for you. Moreover, you could start with easier tricks instead of doing Ollies or flips.

people of all ages can start skateboarding following proper guideline

Skateboarding Size and Age

You may have children at your home who are enthusiastic about skating. But before allowing them to skate, you should know more about the skateboard size and the age. 

If your child is under the age of 5 years, the skateboard width should be 6.5” to 7”. Children aged 6 to 8, having a height of 3’5 to 4’4 should ride skateboards with a width of 7” to 8”. 

Children aged 9-12 years should ride skateboards with a width of 7.5” to 8”. Those who have a height of 5’3” and above should go for skateboards that have a width greater than 8”.

Average age skateboarding

The average age of skaters around the world is between 13 to 14 years. This is based on the study that they have participated in the sport for 50.8 days per year. On average though, skateboarders are usually males of 14 years of age.

Final Words....

So, that’s all! We hope we were able to bring the matter of age and skateboarding to light. As a parent, it is your duty now to judge whether the child is fit for skateboarding. Be sure to not pressurize the child though, because it is crucial that the child enjoys the sport and does not think of it as a chore. 


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