Are converse good for skateboarding? Why skaters settle on converse?

Converse never went out of fashion, instead, it became cool sports footwear. Now athletics need shoes that are lightweight, comfortable, flexible yet durable & breathable. So, is the converse shoe good enough to be skateboarding shoes? We will figure it out now!

Survey says that Converse can be a very good choice for skateboarding shoes. The skaters started wearing them as they were fashionable but never stopped as they found them ideal for skateboarding. An average of 78% of skaters globally, agreed that the design and structure of converse shoes gave them more board area to grip and improved their riding. Let’s see how!

Can You Use Converse for Skateboarding?

Converse shoes were first introduced in the market as a sports fashion. 

There are lots of other brands that manufacture shoes for skating but Converse came and never left its space in both the hearts and feet of the skateboarders. Converse sporting brand dedicated a whole line of shoes for skateboarding only, namely Converse CONS.

Designed for skateboarders globally, these shoes feature a series of special traits for the sport. 

Skateboarding converse chuck shoes are renowned for their features.

History of Converse Shoes In Skateboarding

Skateboarding was considered ground surfing & the act of skating imitated so. Skaters went barefoot on riding and claimed that it gives them better board control. As more & more non-surfers came into skating, not wearing any footwear became harder to accept. They needed shoes that would prevent injuries while not considering any bit of control. 

The Converse Chuck Taylor All-star pair was renowned for its ground features in the basketball court. The skaters started to wear it for skating and they loved it! The skating world boomed in the 80s, making many companies interested in catering the rising demand for sports shoes. The sudden rush of diverse designs and superior fit caused a setback for Converse shoes, for a while. 

Converse shoes initially opened their venture with basketball shoes. They opted for canvas fabric and rubber which made their product extremely lightweight and convenient for users. The sole was flexible and grippy which provided friction on the board too. 

During the 80s, Vans became popular for their skateboarding shoes, followed by the brand Airwalk. They kept the gist of Converse skating shoes, the lightweight and flexible formula. Combined some of their own ideas too! 

Converse made a tremendous comeback in the industry by 2009. Converse CONS is a skate-specific line they launched with the same classic design of converse shoes with upgraded durability and other features. 

What Makes Converse Shoes Good For Skateboarding?

You might have questions in your mind as, what is so special about converse shoes? Why can’t I skate in my tennis ground shoes? Or in my Nike runners? The answer is you can. But to reduce the number of times you get injured or to raise the comfort quotient to maximum, a skate-specialised shoe has no match.

So what is so special about the great Converse shoes?

The Converse CONS skating shoes are supportive and flexible yet durable and lightweight. The material will not weight you down & last longer enough to vouch your money for. Converse Cons shoes were made of a classic style mixed with true essence of skateboarding in mind. 

Skating involves your feet to steer and control the direction of the board, so you must feel the board beneath your feet. Converse attaches rubber soles made of Converse owned CONS Traction Rubber. 

The outer sole is tough as it is open to scraps and scratches. The soles are extra durable and grippy. The thin structure makes it flexible, allowing you to enough board feel. 

Converse CONS can be the perfect skateboarding shoe for its extra cushioning feature. The interior has the maximum shock-absorbent capability for ultra protection & comfort. You can avoid the canvas and stick to the Suede ones as they are more ideal for skating. Both the mid-top & high-top suede feature a highly elasticized tongue and rubber toe-cap for durable footwear with enough ankle support. 

converse one star pro skate shoe is a absolute favorite amongst skaters

Advantages of Converse as Skate Shoes

Wearing the original skatewear for skateboarding is a great motivator. The converse is the great OG for that. A converse classic stands strong all-around the year. The pros of wearing one are multi-dimensional :

  • Converse CONS are double layered with double lining so when a line wears down you still have another line working for you
  • The rubber toe cap in the front protects your toe from injuries & lasts longer against tricks
  • The thin canvas material is super breathable for the feet

converse shoes ensure full protection and breathability of skaters' feet

Disadvantages of Converse as Skate Shoes

The converse is considered the classic OGs for skateboarding. However, if you stick to the oldies, you will be depriving yourself of the newer versions with updated features.

  • The low-top converse visibly provides less ankle support than the high-top & mid-top ones
  • The material of converse shoes wear-off quickly compared to the other suede shoes, if used to perform ollies or flip tricks.

Converse You Need For Ankle Support

Converse has three different levels of ankle protection depending on the style. The height of the ankle collar plays a major factor in determining how much support you will get from your shoe while riding. 

Converse comes in low-top, mid-top & high-top shoe design. Among these the low-top has the poorest ankle support. While a lot of skaters choose high-top for fashion and maximum ankle support, the Mid-top range is the most recommended.

Low-top Converse

Low top converse shoes are the most breathable skate shoes for skateboard riders.

The low-top Converse skate shoes provide the maximum mobility of ankle and foot. This is curse in disguise too. The ankle area is open to bruises and ruptures of bone joint. 

Even though Low-top is breathable to the feet, there is no ankle protection barrier. This exposure may lead to injuries. The skin might get bruised from sudden shocks or struggle against the board when you do flip tricks. 

However, the low-top ones are lightweight. Many users prefer them for the open aura and consider a bit of ankle protection. 

Mid-top Converse

Mid-top converse skate shoes for protection and ankle support

Mid-top skate shoes are a great combination of protection & ankle support. The happy medium height provides enough ankle protection without compromising the freedom of movement.

The ankle collar has moderate coverage and padding around the ankle joint. The padded collar absorbs sudden shock impacts more than any low-top. This is a recommended pair as you can use it as skateboarding footwear & regular runners too. 

High-top Converse

High top converse gives full protection by covering your full feet

The extreme range of the converse shoe features High-top converses. The collar height wraps completely around the ankle, providing maximum support & protection. Although a shoe can’t prevent major sprains entirely, any sudden impact is deterred. 

Any type of skate shoe cannot provide protection as much as a high-top, offering detailed coverage. Conversely, it takes away flexibility of movement more than low-tops & mid-tops. 

Comparison between Converse & Other Brands

We speak highly of Converse, not as a brand, but as they are a very reliable shoe model for day-to-day regular usage and skateboarding needs. We tried to compare Converse with similar articles from different brands for you to see a better picture. 

  • DC low-tops are close to the structure of Converse low-top skate shoes, with better cushioning. If you have sensitive feet, you might like to go for the extra padding.
  • Vans offer similar flexibility and lightweight design in their shoes. Their low-tops again have some padding compared to Converse.
  • Adidas, on the other hand, decided to focus on the material. They have a wide range of athletic shoes similar to Converse vulcanized rubber soles & moderately cushioned insoles. 
  • Lastly, Etnies mid-tops & low-tops give tough competition to Converse. The shoes are lightweight, and durable with flexibility & affordability. More padding makes the shoe absorbent from shocks. 


Most frequent questions and answers

Is Converse One Star good for skating?

Converse One Star originals were popular for basketball gaming. Spike Jonze made them popular among skateboarders and street skaters. Converse reissued One Star back with its retro look and upgraded features. The New Lunarlon insoles enhance performance on the skateboard. The One Star Converse is a durable all-rounder choice among flat-cut vulc skating shoes.

converse one star pro features enhance perfomane of skateboarders

Are Vans or Converse better for Skating?

Vans are much less strong than Converse for skating. Converse uses thicker and rough canvas fabric for making shoes that withstand a lot of wear & tear. In comparison to that, Vans were out quickly. Again, Vans has poor arch support compared to Converse so when it comes to longer skating sessions, you will want to be comforted by Converse surely.

Are high-top Converse good for skating?

Converse shoes are ideal for skateboarding. Converse CONS is an entire range of footwear lines dedicated to skateboarding. All of the designs are manufactured keeping skateboarding conditions in mind. The high-top is no different. However, a high-top takes away the freedom of ankle movement but provides the utmost protection against board injuries. Wearing high-top Converse is a big No if your riding style is freestyle. 

Final Words....

Skateboarding shoes have to fulfil specific criteria, unlike any other sport. For skaters with special emphasis on durability or sizes according to weight and height, skateboarding shoes must be chosen wisely.

Converse shoes are flexible and durable. The comfort and protection goes hand in hand & Converse are enough shock absorbent for that too. If you do not like the Canvas material, their suede CONS models are their to serve skateboarders. Being associated with skateboarding since the beginning, the classic Converse speaks Skateboarding more than any other brand.


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